500THz is a market research firm for companies in pursuit of what's next. 


Who We Are

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500THz is a boutique market research firm. We delight in using creativity to find better ways to understand the relationship between your business and your customers.



About Josh

Josh Carlton founded 500THz on the belief that empathy, creativity and simplicity are the antidote to today's over-thought marketing strategy landscape. Josh has solved digital and brand marketing problems for 60+ companies in nearly every industry, across 20+ categories.

Josh's background is in psychology, communications, and technology. He is fascinated by the intersection of decision-making, cognitive thinking and tech. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a Master’s, Josh worked at creative agencies — Arnold, The Martin Agency, McGarrah Jessee, McKinney, & The Paragraph Project – in leadership roles as a brand planner, researcher, and digital strategist. 

He has propelled dozens of big brands with big budgets towards even greater success, and has empowered dozens of challenger brands with big aspirations to get closer to their dreams. When he’s not obsessed with client success, Josh can be found outside  – either running or coaching baseball. Josh also enjoys teaching a creative strategy course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Contact: hello@500thz.com or via LinkedIn 


Category Experience Includes: 

Apparel | B2B Technology | Consumer Technology | Retail | Restaurant | Automotive | B2B Professional Services | CPG | eCommerce | Energy | Entertainment | Financial Services | Fitness | Food & Beverage | Health | Home | Hospitality | Insurance | Lifestyle | Media | Non-Profit | Travel | Tourism


Clients Include:

Costa | Meijer | Alert Logic | Mizuno | BFGoodrich | Colonial Williamsburg | Frost Bank | Manpower Professional | Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Triangle | Samsung | The National | USA TODAY | Choice Hotels | Grateful Dead | Nationwide Insurance | and more...


About Our Network

Our extensive global network includes researchers, videographers, photographers, and more. We are able to efficiently bring resources together to meet your objectives. 


If You Are Asking Questions Like This...

  • Where do I focus my digital marketing?

  • Who should I be trying to reach with my marketing efforts? 

  • What's my elevator pitch?

  • How do I keep up when the competition is outspending my company 10:1 in paid media?

  • How do I plug the gap when a leader in my planning department just left?


...we can help you dig into answers for these questions, and many more. 



What We Do

We deliver strategy 
informed by lean
research resulting in an
action plan


We use whatever methods are needed to better understand your audience and the perceptions of your brand in the market. Creativity is vital, and keeping it lightweight is even more vital. Research should not be a burden – it should be a shared adventure of learning. 



Using your project goals as our guideline, we develop a variety of strategic outputs – from brand positioning to new product innovation to journey mapping to personas. We use research to help answer the questions you have, and seek to answer the ever-important question, "So What?!"  


Action Plan

We help you create a game plan – everything you need to execute the strategy and make an impact on the world, based on our insights from the research. Because a good strategy deserves to be out in the world, not inside a pretty presentation.