Experience: Case Studies

“A traveler loses his way in the forest; it is dark and he is afraid. Danger lurks behind every tree. A storm shatters the silence. The fool looks at the lightning, the wise man at the road that lies–illuminated–before him.”
— Tales by Israel of Rizhim (as told by Elie Wiesel)


Poster created for key segment: Katherine

Wuhu Travel


Wuhu Travel, a travel industry disruptor, exists to provide an alternative to the standard travel and tourism “sights and sounds.” It’s a brand built for people wanting to go off the beaten path. Like most start-ups, Wuhu Travel had no capital to support a six-figure quantitative market segmentation study. However, the company knew it needed to know more about its travelers.


The question we thoughtfully considered became…what if we didn’t have to spend a huge amount of money on a survey to understand our best prospects? We used the syndicated Simmons database, at a fraction of the cost, to create a segmentation of travelers and find the best audience for Wuhu, one who wanted to pursue travel like it used to be done – in a way that allows for serendipity and exploration of cultures.